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You have more to deal with than just the content of your event, and you can’t be everywhere at once. With Shamrock Audio and Video you will have an on-site technician that will help each presenter load their presentations, set their computers up for projection, set your presenters up with a microphone of their choice (i.e. headset, lavaliere, or handheld wireless microphone), include tools such as laser pointers, PowerPoint remotes or any other technology needed.

Experience teaches that the unexpected always happens, and your technicians are experienced with the various hiccups that can occur when all the different software available meets all the different hardware available. You need never again have to troubleshoot an issue halfway through the presentation all by yourself, while your participants wait. We will be ready to handle these issues before they disrupt an event, and we will be on site throughout the event. Do you need to join several participants to a meeting or training being held at your location? You will be able to video record your meeting or webcast with your own WebEx Account or other web sharing account. Technology is great, but it’s best when it simply works. Contact us today to see how we can make technology work for you.